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  • Introducing Liverpool’s Antennaed Alien Assassin – Bob Firmino Barbosa


    It starts off like any other alien-themed movie from the 70s. It comes in peace and with manners disarming. The fact that it made it this far from his homeworld, alone warrants a standoffish sort of respect. But there is something about this advanced race of antennaed humanoid that you can’t put a finger on […]

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  • Times Are A Changin’: John Barnes Exclusive on Covert Racism, Coutinho and Fans’ Misplaced Priorities

    John Barnes Exclusive Interview for Football Paradise

    I heard Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature. I’m glad. More bemused than glad, however, at the contention of his honour, despite the fact that Homer and Sappho, both lyricists, are considered literary compasses, and then there’s Lord Tennyson who wrote sonnets and ballads. All texts of whom were meant to be performed, […]

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  • Supporting Arsenal is a Funny Old Game – Dave Seager: A Book Review

    Supporting Arsenal is a Funny Old Game

    Dave Seager’s first book was the excellent Geordie Armstrong on the Wing, a perfect tribute to the man, the footballer and the legend that was George Armstrong. His second treads very different, but equally enjoyable ground based around the premise that as football fans, we need two things if we are to survive long-term with […]

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  • 20 Years of Arsene Wenger – Acknowledging Football’s Finest Facilitator


      1996 was the year Spice Girls’ Wannabe made it known that in order for you to get on with somebody, you must also, indubitably, get along with the friends. 1996 was the year of the worst/best earworm, the Mission: Impossible theme, the one you smashed buttons to, playing Duke Nukem 3D on your swanky […]

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  • A Tale of Two Chelseas

    LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 05:  Cesc Fabregas of Chelsea and Alexis Sanchez of Arsenal battle for the ball during the Barclays Premier League match between Chelsea and Arsenal at Stamford Bridge on October 4, 2014 in London, England.  (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

    They say we only remember the good things in retrospect. The rose-tinted glasses effect. Try telling that to an Arsenal fan. Or any football fan really. We nurse our wounds knowing that they will never scab over, never heal, always fester; we jealously guard those hurts and heartbreaks, making place for the new ones that […]

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  • Oh Wayne on the wane


    Somewhere in a roomy cabin in Manchester sits a man with a smile on his face. His gumption is palpable as he looks down at his list. Ed Woodward should be a happy man after all. The executive vice-chairman of Manchester United had an unenviable task, that of kick-starting Manchester United in the post-Sir Alex […]

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  • Ideologies At War: Deconstructing The Essence Of The Football Club


    Why does one support a football club? What does support in the broader context, really even mean? Have you stopped to ask yourself, why is it, perhaps, hundred-thousand stadium lengths away from what you’d consider your Mecca and Medina, you brazenly and unapologetically feel for a football club as any local would? It’s much more […]

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  • Is It Time We Call Out International Football’s Biggest Bluff?

    Belfast riots

    I remember a time, when I was growing up and resenting International football. Back then, I didn’t quite understand as I do now, the enforced sense of pseudo nationality and misplaced bravura it imposes; but it was merely, the annoyance of not getting to see my club side play at the weekend, for two straight […]

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  • Retrograde FA Have Made A Huge Mistake


    The year was 2006, and English FA were waddling around (in a dignified manner, of course) assessing with great prudence the worthy successor to the befuddled Sven Goran Eriksson. Big Sam Allardyce was beckoned, and he went in armed with his PowerPoint presentation. “I wanted to do a real knock-your-socks-off interview for the FA, so I put […]

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  • Wales, Together Stronger: A Lesson In Unity

    wales national football team celebrating at euro 2016, France

    “Sports are human activities made difficult for the joy of it.” – John Ciardi Sporting narratives are inevitable whatever the nature of the event. Good, bad, gut-wrenching, inspiring; sport as a whole thrives on the intricate relationship between emotions, collective human psychology and the communal sense of history and memory. For viewers it provides a […]

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  • All The Kings Men


    How do you gauge success in a sport? Is it the number of titles and medals you collect? Or perhaps, the number of upsets you cause? Is surviving in the first division a success? Or is it taking the mickey of sides with larger budgets and irritating the established order?   If the last option […]

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  • Johan Cruyff,“Salid y disfrutad” – Go out and enjoy

    Johan Cryuff Barcelona 3

    Perhaps Johan Cruyff’s greatest legacy is in the fact that his ultimate goal was to play enjoyable and entertaining football both as a player and coach. To him it was imperative that the players and fans alike have a good time. Mention the heartbreak of 1974 and he would still point to the fact that it was the […]

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  • Zidane’s The Way

    during the International Friendly match between France and Brazil at the Stade de France on March 26, 2015 in Paris, France.

    Imagine the chaos of running a business. Now, imagine this business also happens to be a football club, where you have balance the books and tilt the balance of trophies won in your favor – Sounds so simple. But ask one Arsene Wenger and he could rant for 20 years on the perceived difficulty of such a […]

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  • Bend it like Tanvie Hans


    Being a woman in a predominantly man’s domain is never easy, though things are slowly becoming better and easier with better exposure and support. And yet it will take a long time before we see any kind of true balance between the sexes (I’m referring to equal opportunity rather than equality as many use it). […]

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  • Exclusive: Darren Burgess tells the truth about pain and Daniel Sturridge

    Darren Burgess with Luis Suarez on August 9, 2011 in Liverpool, England.

    “There’s nothing new under the sun”, said King Solomon in Proverbs, “All that’s out there is out there.” The subject that we are about to prod, has been examined in the past, for and behest of good players, better players, and no less, the best players to grace the game. Articles on football usually, inevitably need […]

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  • Stats, Smokes and Mirrors – Red Rambles Part 1

    Round pegs.

    Admittedly, Jürgen Klopp’s tenure at Liverpool FC hasn’t been, Rocky Balboa’s immortal words, “all sunshine and rainbows.” The Reds are sweating it out in their tracksuits, but are still a few flight of stairs away from the coveted top-4 landing that would see them barge through that lit door and into the glitz and the […]