Chelsea. Mourinho. Did you really think otherwise?

Everything about Jose is always punctuated with controversy. What he says, what he does is always heard, misconstrued, contorted and then bashed. Here is an example of Mourinho’s concealed gesture of respect being construed as sucking-up to get a job he is more than qualified for.

Is this FM to go and press express interest?

What he said

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What they thought he said

I want the United job


Jose Ferguson

What he really wanted to say

Mourinho,”I knew that Ferguson was retiring many months ago. I would have turned down every job in the world – the Manchester United job, every one – for Chelsea.”

“I am so happy with his [Ferguson’s] trust because it was big news for the world – I can imagine that just a very small circle around him knew that, and it was a big responsibility for me to know that”

“Why do I know that? Because we are friends, so if I am his friend to know that he is going to retire, he is also my friend to know that the club I want to coach in England is Chelsea. Of course I told him I want to come to Chelsea. I would turn down every job in the world for Chelsea.”


Adding a bit of context into the Mourinho-wanted-United-job argument.

I did say this a while ago, United fans based their claims that Mourinho wanted the United job after their game against Real Madrid – subsequently manipulating Jose’s sentiments “the better team lost” into “he wants the United job”

Of course Mourinho is a clever fox and his cheeky post match interview could be, would be and indeed should be for the sake of convenience of the majority – assimilated as an intent to manage United, no?

Important to note that Mourinho clearly states that he knew that Ferguson was retiring “many months ago”. Clearly if Mourinho knew Ferguson was retiring, the best he could do “as a friend” was to pay a small tribute, let alone disrespect him.

Baffled to see the way Jose’s recent confessions have been thwarted conveniently by United fans. Unnecessary to be honest, as they have a very good replacement in David Moyes.

Jose Mourinho

Finally, I’m not defending Mourinho, given the bad-ass that he is; but United fans are just fabricating a sour grapes argument on one post-match interview which in my opinion should be taken no more than humble appreciation, even if it was from the arrogant one.

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