Gaurang Manjrekar

Believes in the lost art of story-telling. Committed to revolutionizing football journalism.

Srijandeep Das

Managing Editor, journalist, writer. On a mission to elevate Football Writing to an art form.

Anushree Nande

Published writer and editor. Hope is her superpower (unsurprisingly she's a Gooner), but sport, art, music and words are good substitutes.

Sarthak Dev

Computer engineer, pianist and writer; not necessarily in that order. Can kill for a good football story.

Taronish Elavia

Supports FC Barcelona, sells lies in the form of advertising. Occasionally writes poetry, always makes people smile.

Parashar Thanki

Manchester United. Spain. Cristiano Ronaldo. Step-over maniac. Coffee aficionado. Prefers playing sports to watching them. Anyday.

Abhijeet Barve

Real Madrid supporter and glory-hound hater. Loves the game more than any club. Guitarist. Cook. Star Wars Freak.

Santokie Nagulendran

Writes about football across the globe, which provides a therapeutic release from the emotional turmoil of supporting Tottenham Hotspur

Debkalpa Banerjee

Loves the deft nutmegs, time travel paradoxes, existentialist films, scrambled eggs, and some unhealthy fanaticism of the boys in the Anfield red.

Vikrant Hatwalne

Liverpool FC supporter. Reveres Steven Gerrard. Electronics Engineer. Copywriter. Poet. Passionate about Football, Writing and Marketing.

Ashay Kapse

Lives at the intersection of politics, sports, music, and films. Used to be young, but now doesn't get asked for an ID at bars.

Amit Mishra

Was a hopeful Liverpool, Schalke and McLaren fan. Now a tired one.

Arka Tarun Mukherjee

Arsenal fan and a sports buff, ATM is always more interested towards the tactical side of football. Works full time in the field of Data Analytics but loves writing about the beautiful game.

Taha Memon

20 year old who likes everything black and white - especially football. Liverpool fan, aspiring journalist, comic enthusiast, and a TV show buff.

Parth Rajwade

Technology Consultant who loves reading, working on his novel, imbibing whiskey and beer, and screaming at the telly during Arsenal games

Varun Manjunatha

Varun is wrapping up his PhD in Computer Science from Maryland. When not programming, he transforms into the ultimate armchair pundit.

Abhishek Deodhar

Man United fan. Pines for Fergie time. Pastafarian. Smartarse Chartered Accountant. Wannabe Lawyer.