Four-year-old Clara Walker inspired to be a referee at Garforth Town

Clara Walker may only be four, but already she knows she wants to be a football referee.

Watching Garforth Town’s 1-1 draw with Hall Road Rangers in the NCEL Premier Division with her father Nathan and nine-month-old brother Rufus, Clara was inspired by seeing Melissa Burgin run the line at the Supply Chain Network Community Stadium.

Nathan, from West Yorkshire, tweeted a photo of his daughter looking at a laughing Melissa and saying ‘Her hair is like mine, can I be a referee?’

Within 24 hours, the tweet which was shared with @WomeninFootball, had been liked over 4,000 times.

Nathan said after the game his daughter loves going to watch football live and she likes to watch the officials.

Nathan said: “She normally says the referees are her favourites as black is her favourite colour.

“She had a great day, she loves going to the football, mainly because she gets chips, but she had to make do with a sausage sandwich as Garforth don’t do chips.”

Seeing the female official sharing the moment with Clara touched many people on Twitter.

Ahmed_1980 wrote: ‘Thanks for sharing… representation is truly important!’ while AWO86 said ‘This has warmed my heart. Thank you so much for sharing. ❤️’

Nathan said Clara will be back next week, weather permitting.

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