Jurgen Klopp vows not to repeat his Merseyside derby celebration

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is confident he will never repeat his run onto the pitch when he celebrates a goal again.

The German was fined £8,000 – the standard penalty – after admitting a Football Association misconduct charge following his dash into the centre-circle to hug goalkeeper Alisson Becker after a Merseyside derby winner in the sixth minute of added time.

Klopp is known for his demonstrative displays of emotion on the touchline but he believes he can keep things in check enough to prevent another incursion onto the pitch.

“I didn’t want to do it and I can say it won’t happen again,” said the Reds boss, ahead of the trip to Burnley.

“The last time I did it was around 14 years ago. I’m not that quick any more. It will be fine. It was not on my radar that it was still possible.

“We make mistakes, but usually I learn from it. At least over a long period.

“It’s not a massive mistake. If there was no rule against it we, as managers, would constantly celebrate on the pitch and you would say ‘That’s nice’.

“I don’t think anybody thought it’s massively wrong or whatever, not even the ref, they were probably surprised themselves.

“There’s nothing to say actually. It’s a fine, I pay it. Let’s carry on.

“I couldn’t avoid it obviously, but that’s what the rules are for, and if you break rules you have to be fined for it.

“That’s what happened, no problem with that, it’s completely normal.”

Burnley have caused Liverpool issues in the recent past and Klopp, an admirer of the work done by Clarets boss Sean Dyche, is wary of the threat they pose despite their struggles this season.

“We are all long enough together that we know about the specific challenge against Burnley. It’s a really tough place to go. Always tough since I am here,” he added.

“I know the Burnley results but you analyse them and it is how it is. Everybody knew before the season it was a big challenge for them with Europa League qualification, it’s a killer competition in the early stages of the season.

“The Burnley squad is not made for that so it was clear that the start would be rusty or whatever, but performance wise they are now in the league 100 per cent.

“That makes it a really difficult game for us, like all the others. No easy games coming up.”

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