Real Madrid and their Brazilian vision

As a football club synonymous with the acquisition of marquee names and the assembly of superstar squads, Real Madrid’s latest recruitment policy has thrown something of a curveball when considering their traditional…

Art and Football in Bilbao – Goal by Aduriz

On the first match of what is to be his final season in the Spanish top division, Aritz Aduriz was supposed to present a picture of a veteran who’ll soon bid his farewell. He chose to author a spectacle instead.

Ajax and The Class of 2019

What if it was all a dream? The so-called Class of 2019. The summer visits to Vienna, Liege, and Kyiv. Failures in Almelo and Rotterdam, but an ultimate vengeance and triumph over…

Football for Everyone?

Football is not for everyone. We do not all get an equal share of the game: some fans more than others. The red taping of the sport comes in many forms. Calling…