Kopites, get a grip of Reality!

Frustration. That’s something Liverpool fans are accustomed to over the recent years. But what frustrates me the most is the fickle resolve shown by certain reds on my timeline as I pore meticulously on each and every opinion which reds across the globe have on today’s game. Twitter can be a madhouse when it’s the first day of the season, especially when it’s a new regime. With the mental imbalance I’ve had reading the views and opinions of certain reds, it can be painful to put a rational, objective opinion on Liverpool’s  current situation.

#sackrodgers is now trending in #Liverpool

Disillusioned, yes. Every club has these sects of fans and generally, one can get away by ignoring these league of extraordinary supporters. However the problem I noticed with our troops is, it’s not some of them but quite a good amount!
I still can’t understand the underlying substance behind thoughts like these –  Do you think, having a Mourinho or a Guardiola will resolve issues overnight? Most common analytical reasoning will tell you that such managers have either splashed the cash; or inherited a squad which was already on a different level playing field. Some managers have made critical decisions over time which have made them the success they are. But one thing is common, they require time.
Brendan Rodgers at his first Liverpool press conference

 If you are a fellow red and if you feel Liverpool are ready to storm the Premier League with the new coach, new signings, new system and are getting caught up in the beginning of a new era syndrome, I have some bad news for you. The truth is, with the amount of money the top 4 are spending (those who finished in the top 4 last season) and the quality of players 5th, 6th and even the 7th teams are signing, we can atmost predict that with the current squad, we will at best, be challenging for 6th this season!

I don’t intend to disappoint you all. There is still time, the window is yet to be shut and there is scope for improvement – leaps and bounds of improvement!

Coming to the game, stop panicking over one game that we lost!

Yes, we lost. In fact, badly – 3 goal margin needs no explanation, but for heaven’s sake, it’s just one game!

First and foremost, let’s not get started about the sending off, the penalties and Suarez being manhandled at the other end. It is nothing new and I’m sure, my fellow Reds, that we all are accustomed to things like these.

Moving on to things that are under our control.

Have a sense of perspective. For starters, it’s just the 1st game of the season. Second, a new system requires time to bed in. The time for players to acclimatize to it is even more when you consider the fact that majority of the senior players were at the Euro and the Olympics this summer. Lucas was coming back from a long injury too.

Today, we were playing a man down for the last 30 odd minutes. We had  decent amount of chances and majority of possession before Agger was sent off. Even after the game, it stood at 62%-38% to LFC. Finishing is an aspect which Rodgers will have scrutinized and already made plans to address the problem while assessing his squad, so it’s better for us to be a bit more patient and watch the players he signs and the effect the new  system has in creating and converting chances. Chance creation was never a problem last season – conversion rate is an issue which I hope will be resolved.

Brendan with Suarez in training

Whispers of us snatching Nuri Sahin under Arsenal’s nose are quite refreshing to hear. Also, please stop criticizing Assaidi before he even puts on the red jersey. From what I’ve read up on him, he’s quite a determined lad, pacy and full of flair. Then again, I’ll put him down as a squad player rather than in the first XI.

Simply put, I have faith in Brendan Rodgers, our owners and their vision for the club – and I urge you to have some too. Change is not going to happen overnight, nor in a month, nor in 3! The changes are going to be subtle, slow and will gradually improve Liverpool Football club – and there will be hints from time to time to indicate that we’re going in the right direction.

So, to the real supporters of Liverpool Football Club, I ask of you only one thing – to inculcate one virtue in you and your fellow kopites –  patience.

Tom Werner,“We are not done with transfers,we will keep buying until we are the best”.

So keep calm and endure some taunts along the way.

It will take time but I can promise one thing, we’re moving on the lines of underpromise, overdeliver

Brendan Rodgers training with the squad.
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