Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah appears to delete social media accounts

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah appears to have deleted his social media accounts.

Viewers of the Egyptian star’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages on Wednesday are met with error messages saying the “page doesn’t exist”.

The change comes after the 26-year-old posted a final message on Tuesday reading: “2019 Resolution: Time to get in touch, for real.”

Some fans speculated Salah deleted the accounts to focus on his football, lauding him for his “winners mentality”.

“Many people suggesting this could be to block things out for the title run in,” tweeted @LFCTransferRoom “Sounds like a winners mentality from Mo.”

Liverpool lead the Premier League by four points and the squad have taken a trip to Dubai for a warm-weather training camp during the break until their next game, at home to Leicester on Wednesday, January 30.

Other fans speculated that Salah had deleted his social accounts to avoid recent criticism for alleged diving.

“More like can’t handle all the diving accusations sent to him on a hourly basis,” tweeted @TAKTIKT0E. “4 days after the Palace game, coincidentally.”

Football Paradise Staff Reporter

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