LMA data shows 54 bosses were dismissed in English professional game last term

Fifty-four managers were dismissed in the English professional game in the 2017-18 season, the second-highest total ever.

Data published on Monday by the League Managers Association also showed that the managers relieved of their duties last term had an average tenure of 1.18 years – a slight improvement on 2016-17 (1.16 years) but still the second-lowest average in the six seasons for which data was published.

Average tenure of managers dismissed in the Premier League and Football League
(PA Graphic)

The 15 managers sacked in the Premier League was the highest total on record going back to 2005-06, beating the mark of 12 from 2013-14 and 2015-16.

That included two apiece at West Brom and Swansea as both clubs suffered relegation while of the 20 clubs in the 2017-18 Premier League, only half will begin the new season under the same manager.

Thirteen managers lost their jobs at Championship level, 16 in League One and 10 in League Two.

The LMA said the average tenure of all current managers was 1.53 years and listed Paul Tisdale as the longest-serving manager in the professional game at 11.94 years, following Arsene Wenger’s resignation from Arsenal.

Paul Tisdale
Such is the changing landscape for managers that the LMA’s longest-serving boss, Paul Tisdale, has since left his post (Nigel French/PA)

The study, though, ran only up to May 31 – Tisdale quit his post as Exeter boss the following day to leave Jim Bentley, who had reached just over seven years at Morecambe by the end of May, as the longest serving.

The average tenure of Premier League managers come the end of the season was slightly higher at 1.70 years, with the Championship and League One languishing at 1.10 and 1.22 respectively.

The League Two average – boosted by Tisdale, Bentley and the now second-placed Gareth Ainsworth at Wycombe – was highest at 2.12 years.

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