Mourinho claims he is the focus of a ‘manhunt’

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho claimed after the 3-2 home victory over Newcastle that he was the subject of a “manhunt.”

Mourinho also said he may have been convinced he was set for the sack if he had not received a text message that morning from the United board which told him to “ignore what you are going to read and do your job”.

Ahead of Saturday’s Premier League match at Old Trafford, senior figures at the club strongly denied a report from the previous evening that the Portuguese would lose his job this weekend regardless of the outcome of the contest.

United then claimed victory thanks to a dramatic late fightback after going 2-0 down early on, with Juan Mata netting a 70th-minute free-kick, Anthony Martial equalising six minutes later and Alexis Sanchez, who had also come off the bench, heading home the winner in the 90th minute.

After seeing the Red Devils end their four-game losing streak in all competitions, Mourinho told BT Sport 1: “In spite of the first time I see in football a manhunt, I am 55, I am mature, I can cope with it. I can live with it.

“Clearly some of the boys, in spite of their not being the man that is hunted, I think they are not coping well with it. The way they start the game was absolutely panicking.

“Marcus Rashford was sad on the pitch. Scott McTominay was scared on the pitch. Even all the players, they make mistakes that are not normal.

“I think at half-time we had a good conversation. We didn’t promise to each other we would win the match, we promised we would give absolutely everything without fear. They gave everything.”

He added:: “As a friend of mine was saying to me this morning, if tomorrow rains in London it’s my fault. If there is some difficulty to have the agreement of Brexit, it’s my fault. And I have to be ready for all of this.

“I think a lot of wickedness and a clear man-hunting that I think in football is too much. It’s my life, it’s a life I love, it’s a life I worked since I was a kid. I will love it until my last day. It’s one more experience in my life.”

Mourinho also did an interview with talkSPORT, in which he said: “When I woke up in the morning I had an SMS from my board to say ignore what you are going to read and do your job, but if I didn’t have that SMS I could be also convinced (by the report).”

In his post-match press conference, Mourinho said to the assembled journalists “I’m sorry boys” as he sat down.

And he said when asked about his “manhunt” comments that “it doesn’t stop” and that he felt nothing would stop it.

When Mourinho was asked about the fight his team had shown with their comeback, he said: “I think there is too much talk and you put in doubt the honesty and the professionalism of the players.

“One thing is you can’t do better and another thing is you don’t want to do better and another is you can do better but don’t cope well with the feelings surrounding your environment but I think the players showed they wanted to win the match.”

Mourinho also expressed his gratitude to the United fans at the ground, described them as “absolutely amazing”, and added: “My happiness about the victory is not because of myself, is because of the fans and the players.”

Having heard boos around the stadium when the first half concluded, Mourinho then heard his name being sung loudly following Sanchez’s goal.

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