Paul Pogba taking a penalty v Usain Bolt over 100m – who is the fastest?

Usain Bolt can run the 100m faster than Paul Pogba takes a penalty.

That was just one of the things we learned from Manchester United’s 2-1 victory over Everton on Sunday, as one social media user pointed out.

Yes, Usain Bolt can cover 100m faster than Pogba can travel the few yards to arrive at the ball. Back in 2016, Pogba himself suggested he would need a motorbike to keep up with the United-supporting Jamaican.

His stuttering approach resulted in a save from Everton’s Jordan Pickford. Pogba was able to turn in the rebound but admitted he may need to alter his style, a view echoed by manager Jose Mourinho.

“Can he improve his penalty? I think he can, I think the goalkeepers don’t move and they are waiting for his decision so I think he probably has to learn from that,” Mourinho said.

The Frenchman’s unique approach to spot-kicks also resulted in the Twitter hashtag #ThingsYouCanDoDuringPogbasPenaltyRunUp.

His team-mate Luke Shaw took that on with a little joke at his own recent rejuvenation at Old Trafford.

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