Read all about it! Newport hero Padraig Amond is writing his own headlines

Newport hero Padraig Amond wrote a classic FA Cup giant-killing tale before the budding journalist admitted his next newspaper column would be compiled with a “sore head”.

Amond’s 85th-minute penalty produced the biggest third-round shock as the former Premier League champions were toppled 2-1 at Rodney Parade on Sunday.

But that was not the end of the story for Amond, the journeyman striker who has combined a goal-scoring career in the lower leagues with writing a weekly column for the Carlow Nationalist in his native Ireland.

Newport County’s Padraig Amond scores his side’s winner
Newport County’s Padraig Amond scores his side’s winner (Nick Potts/PA)

“I might do it on five in a row for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as Man United manager,” laughed Amond, 30, kidding no-one what the subject matter of this week’s column would be.

“It’s something I’ve done that for the last seven or eight years, but the problem is I’ve got to go back and do it for Tuesday.

“It has to be submitted before Monday morning – and I’m going to have quite a sore head doing it!”

The drinks were also flowing in Amond’s local bar in Carlow, where his mother and father as well his fiancee’s parents had gathered to watch the game.

Last year, Tully’s Bar had offered every customer a free drink if Amond scored in the fourth round against Tottenham.

Amond duly opened the scoring in the 1-1 draw at Rodney Parade and the free promotion was repeated again as Newport, 13th in Sky Bet League Two, bridged a gap of 74 places against Claude Puel’s Foxes.

“It’s cost them a few quid but it’s a great promotion for them,” said Amond, who revealed he was used to taking penalties against Leicester goalkeeper Danny Ward.

Amond score against Tottenham last year
Amond score against Tottenham last year (Andrew Matthews/PA)

“I used to play with Wardy at Morecambe so he’s faced quite a few penalties from me in training.

“I saw him move a little bit, so I changed my mind last second and went the other way.

“This is going to sound strange, but I was more nervous taking a penalty against Forest Green a few weeks ago.

“That was because it was the first one I’d taken this season and it was a case of make sure you score and stay on them.

“I knew the enormity of the occasion, but I just thought what an opportunity to put your name up in lights, the club’s name in lights, and knock out the Premier League champions from a couple of years ago.

Amond buries his penalty
Amond buries his penalty (Nick Potts/PA)

“I was quite relaxed and just made sure I hit the target. It was a relief when it went in, euphoria for everyone in the ground.”

Amond has no doubt who he wants to play in the fourth round and is pleased that he will get the opportunity to see the draw – scheduled after the Wolves-Liverpool game on Monday night – for a change.

“Usually I miss it because I’m coaching the Newport Under-16s,” he said.

“I usually get told halfway through that you’ve got drawn against such and such. But now I can go back home after coaching and enjoy it.

“I want Man United away, and I think the chairman wants them as well – the biggest team, the biggest crowd he can get.

“I’m a Shamrock Rovers from Ireland, but the team in England I always looked up to and wanted to do well or play for was Man United.

“It would be a dream to go to Old Trafford, but whoever it is it doesn’t makes a difference.

“No one will fancy coming here and playing us because of the banana skin of it all. Hopefully there is a big one there for us.”

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